Aaagh, get me out of this! Find out how creepy our murder mystery weekends are! Murder Mystery Parties, where you solve the mystery
Murder Mystery Parties, crack the case and enjoy the Champagne prize.

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32 years of successful Murder Mystery!
Our 32nd Anniversary in 2020

Successfully  giving our Murder Mystery Events customers 'a murderous time' for 32 years, we developed our own special murder mystery  formula for the events.

In our Murder Mystery Events;
You can also have one of you as the victim! 
Our murder mystery events format means you have more fun and enjoyment than the 'watching a play' formula.


   Our murder mystery party team are keen to give you great, fun murder mystery.parties

Put Your Team in Party Mood 

Our experienced team will give you a 'Murderous time at your murder mystery event!'.......  as well as 'great value for money'.

  • Included in our Murder Mystery Events are:

  • Characters sheets, Notes and Pens for each guest

  • All clues and props

  • The crime scene and body to examine

  •  A prize of a bottle of Champagne and certificates.

1. Your character has an assumed name and occupation.
2. You are involved as part of the story and plot.
3. Everyone  is a suspect, including YOU.
4. You could be the guilty murderer.
5. You play detective and 'Solve the Crime'.

The event is run by Murder Mystery Events OWN staff. 
We have 32 years experience creating and delivering Murder Mystery events, weekends, nights and dinners to private and corporate clients.

Our murder mystery parties team are keen, to give you a good time!



Timings and the agenda are flexible to fit in with your own requirements. 
For guidance, the following is a typical timetable.

7.00 - 7.15 pm   Allocation of names and characters.  
Notes, pens and murder mystery name badges are provided.
7.45 pm   First presentation: Setting the scene, unveiling of previous dastardly deeds and meeting other shady characters.
8.00 pm
  Dinner begins. Between courses:
1. Further Developments.
2. A Body is Discovered.
3. Post Mortem Results.
9.30 pm   You are asked to formulate your theories and decide on the 3 M's, MOTIVE, METHOD, and the MURDERER.
9.45 pm   Revealing of the Answers. Clues and evidence are linked the characters, you may be questioned and accused.
10.30 pm   A Champagne Prize is presented and Certificates awarded.

10.40 pm



Murder Mystery Events story example:

A Fishy Tale

 You are meeting for the annual dinner of a secret society 
at which you are a contender for  Member  of the Year, 
a prestigious title which wins you a wonderful prize. 

You are all Cheerful and Obviously Nice. So who will be the C.O.N. of the Year?
Some members will stop at nothing to succeed, but who is prepared to kill?

A favourite member is found dead. You visit the scene and examine the body, 
collect the clues and interrogate your colleagues.
 You have great fun in finding out how close you were to the answer 
and how near you were to being the Super Sleuth

You could win the Champagne Prize 
Or it could be you who is the MURDERER !



We have more stories and scenarios! 



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