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Other stories for your Murder Mystery Event, Night, Evening, Dinner or Weekend.

A Deadly Game

This Murder Mystery event is set in a TV studio scenario, you are a contestant for a participation detective game. The famous actor leads you towards winning the part as his assistant, but every one else is wanting to beat you to it. However, it all goes awry when an unexpected death puts the contest in chaos and the contestants in danger - of loosing everything.

Great Team Building or Murder Mystery Fun at any time.


Witch Way To Revenge

An eerie murder mystery story where all the characters are associated with witchcraft. 
You are tracing the similarities between strange occurrences in 2008 and the execution of ten witches in 1640, when you realise that the threads between life and death have not changed that much.
Spellbound by the implications of finding yourself part of a sinister coven, the reality of the situation suddenly hits you ... literally. Can you avoid being 'Spell Bound'?
Ideal for Halloween or spooky events.

In our Murder Mystery, fancy dress is encouraged, but not compulsory!  
Costumes and Fancy Dress are optional.

The Death of a Mary Christmas

Re-living the circumstances of Christmas past, in this murder mystery you are puzzled by the true identity of a 'victim of circumstances'. Then you realise it could be you, but in this Christmas time.
Are the mysterious events a prediction, or are you being set up as the 'fall guy'?
What kind of poison was used? A herb, perhaps? Can you tell by the after taste?
 It may be that you will feel like you could never face 'the season of merriment' ever again.

Great for Christmas time.

Revenge of the May Tricks

In the fast moving and rapidly changing world of the computer, someone has planted a code which allows you find the culprit to a dastardly crime. In this murder mystery there are  internet clues  to interpret and you find a world wide web of deception cast over all your fellow investigators.
As you start to believe that the 'perfect crime' must have been committed, you are brought back to reality with a shock.

Great for any time and Team Building

Alien Revenge

Based in the future where easy space travel has enabled aliens to capture the President of the Universe. As space cadet trainees, you piece together the circumstances which have set you against cadets from other planets. Energy cells are being counterfeited and it is up to you to determine who is the alien infiltrator.

A race against time and through space,  you are pitted against super human intelligent life-forms, their clever challenges can throw you off course. Were you dreaming or drugged?

Out of this world.

The Return of the Black Vitesse

In this Murder Mystery, you wonder what the circumstances of a road accident in 1969 have to do with weird happenings today. Piecing together the evidence of several suspicious deaths you cannot make sense of it until you realise who is involved and you find yourself examining your own family connections.

Can you bear to know the truth and betray your own flesh and blood?

A wonderful sixties theme.



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